Kyoto Apartment 20 Marikoji

Shared house

The shared house is opened on the second floor at Shibunkaku kaikan(思文閣会館) from the spring of 2017!
It is very near from Yoshida campus at Kyoto University,so you can go to Kyoto University or other schools easily.
It is easy to reach Shijo, the downtown and even Osaka because it takes about 5minutes to come to Demachiyanagi station from the apartment!
Common kitchen is very large, so you must be able to enjoy cooking!
You can stay in your own room comfortably!
It is very large apartment, so you might get lost in the apartment although you live here…?!

Apartment Inquiry


2-7, Tanaka Sekida-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. 606-8203 JAPAN


  • Keihan Railway, [Demachiyanagi] 5min.
  • Kyoto City Bus [Hyakumanben] 1min.

Common Utility

Landry 3 washing machines.
Internet Available in each room. WIFI connection
Elevator/Lift No
Parking Yes

Common space and Equipment

Kitchen 2 IH cokking heaters, Rice cooker, Microwave, Toster, Cooking tools, Cupboard, Dishes, Vacuum cleaner
Dining & Living Dining table and chair, TV, Curtains, A/C
Bath & Toilet 5 Shower rooms, 7 Toilets
A/C, Bed, Beddings(Mattress, Futon, Pilow, Quilt cover, Sheets), Table, Chair, Shelf, Hanger, Steel shelf(if room has no closet), Curtain, Dust box

Room Layout


Room No. Room Type Room size Photo Rent(JPY) Availability Reservation
Monthly Half Month
A1 Western 12.69㎡ 58,000 36,000 Not Available 予約・問い合わせ
A2 Western 13.20㎡ 55,000 33,000 Not Available
A3 Western 13.20㎡ 56,000 34,000 Available from
July 11th
A4 Western 13.20㎡ 56,000 34,000 Not Available
A5 Western 13.20㎡ 56,000 34,000 Not Available
A6 Western 12.52㎡ 55,000 33,000 Not Available 予約・問い合わせ
A7 Western 12.76㎡ 55,000 33,000 Not Available
A8 Western 13.70㎡ 55,000 33,000 Not Available
A9 Western 11.31㎡ 53,000 30,000 Not Available
B10 Western 11.07㎡ 54,000 32,000 Not Available
B11 Western 23.98㎡ 60,000 40,000 Available from
July 10th
B12 Western 16.98㎡ 57,000 35,000 Available from
July 18th
B13 Western 20.91㎡ 58,000 36,000 Not Available
B14 Western 19.87㎡ 59,000 38,000 Available from
August 1st
C15 Western 12.83㎡ 55,000 33,000 Available Now
C16 Western 10.70㎡ 53,000 30,000 Available from
July 25th
C17 Western 11.32㎡ 53,000 30,000 Available from
July 31st
C18 Western 14.04㎡ 53,000 30,000 Available from
July 31st
C19 Western 16.13㎡ 60,000 40,000 Not Available
C20 Western 16.60㎡ 58,000 36,000 Not Available
C21 Western 16.66㎡ 58,000 36,000 Not Available 予約・問い合わせ
C22 Western 16.71㎡ 60,000 40,000 Available from
July 25th
C23 Western 16.63㎡ 60,000 40,000 Not Available


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