Detached shared house

  • ¥35,000~ Shared House Domitory

    Kyoto Apartment 3 is 3 floored house which is located in residential area few steps away from Kawaramachi street. Kyoto Station is in walking distance. And it is also convenient to go lots of tourism places from closest bus stop. One of our recommended apartments for both of schooling and tourism!

  • ¥45,000~ Shared House

    Japanese styled house standing quietly in the streets of Kyoto unique. This guesthouse is small compared to the other guesthouse with 3 rooms. You share the life with other 2 residents in close communication. There are foreign residents for long term once in a while because one Japanese school is within walking distance. We recommend the house to Japanese customer who are willing to do the language exchanges while they are staying! (Please contact us about the situation in each case of occupancy)