New apartment

  • ¥54,000~ Shared house

    It is a share house located to the east of Toji Temple! You can see beautiful Toji Temple up close from this shared house!!! Also there is a Kimono shop on the 1st floor so you can feel atmosphere of Kyoto during your stay! It takes about 5 minutes from this apartment to the Toji station and it has a really good access to go to Kyoto Station! We would like to recommend all people who comes to Kyoto for sightseeing, school or working! Each room is comparatively large so you can stay in the room comfortably!

  • ¥60,000~ Shared House

    It is the shared house located at about 7miutes walking distance to north from Kyoto University.
    It is a shared house because you need to use the kitchen, shower room and toilet with other housemates,
    but you might feel you stay in studio apartment…?
    You can stay comfortably since each room is large!
    There are supermarkets near the apartment, so you can buy groceries easily!
    You don’t get into trouble to stay in this apartment because there are convenience stores, some restaurants or bank etc. near this apartment. We would like to recommend this apartment to people who go to Kyoto University or other schools.

  • ¥53,000~ Shared House

    The shared house is opened on the second floor at Shibunkaku Kaikan(思文閣会館) from the spring of 2017!
    It is very near from Yoshida campus at Kyoto University,so you can go to Kyoto University or other schools easily.
    It is easy to reach Shijo, the downtown and even Osaka because it takes about 5minutes to come to Demachiyanagi station from the apartment! Common kitchen is very large, so you must be able to enjoy cooking!
    You can stay in your own room comfortably!
    It is very large apartment, so you might get lost in the apartment although you live here…?!