Reviews from Residents

Review from Crystal (Australia)

01 Kyoto Apartment 15

Hi I’m Krystal
I chose Kyoto apartment 13 because it was perfect for my needs.
I’m a student and the apartment is just few minutes away from my school.
It has great access to the convenience stores, sightseeing areas and famous shopping district with all the new cultures of Kyoto combine.
Kyoto apartment staffs are very friendly and the apartment is maintained perfectly.
I am completely satisfied living here, in Kyoto Apartment 13.
(After she left aparatment, the apartment number changed from 13 to 15.)

Review from S.E.(France)

02Kyoto Apartment 1

Since 2008, every summer of every years, i used to travel in kyoto and go in apartment 1.
I chosed this apartment because his location. You have 2 conveniant stores and 1 supermarcket at 5 minutes of walk.
You can go to shijo kawaramachi in 20 min; kyoto eki (jr line + bus) in 20min or 10 minutes in bus ; subway (karasuma line) in 10 minutes ;
and hankyu line in 5 min. So I could go to visit a lot of place in Kyoto, and even Osaka very easily.
You share a big apartment with one people, or you can rent an apartment with someone you know.

Review from S.G.(Belgium)

03Kyoto Apartment 7

Living in Kyoto Apartment 7 is a great experience!
It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make new friends from different nationalities
(Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, French, Spanish,..).
The apartment has a great location; it’s only a 10-minute walk to the famous Kiyomizu-temple,
and it’s very close to the geisha neighbourhood, so you are bound to run into a real geisha now and then.
There are also 2 supermarkets and plenty of smaller shops/restaurants nearby.
The apartment itself has only been opened a few months, so everything is brand new. I highly recommend this apartment!

Review from T.L.(Israel)

noneKyoto Apartment 2

I’m very happy with everything about this place – the room, the building, the area and the service provided by the company.
The neighborhood is quiet but conveniently close to many shops and interesting sightseeing spots.
Transportation is also very convenient, and if you have a bicycle you can easily cycle from here to most places of interest in Kyoto.
I’m a longer-term resident and have had a great time here. I can recommend this place to anyone, for any period of stay.
If you are looking for a hassle-free, fun place to live in Kyoto and care about the quality of your house, this is a great option to consider.

Review from A.D.+L.B.(Germany)

05Kyoto Apartment 1

We choosed Kyoto Apartment 1 because of its possibility to stay in original japanese style rooms (tatami-floor).
The accomodation is very conveniently located, close to various bus and subway lines.
We´ve been there for three times and planning to come again next summer.

Review from O.Z.(French/Canadian)

06Kyoto Apartment 1

The appartement is really well located, Shijo is really at the heart of the city.
The staff is very friendly & helpful. The bathrooms are usually not very clean, but the rooms are nice with Tatami.

(Kyoto Apartment 1 is constracted to whole new facility from September 2013.)

Review from C.T.(Turkey)

noneKyoto Apartment 1

I choose this apartment because it’s quite close the the Hankyu.
station. Furthermore it is not so complicated to move in. Everything is there for the start.
Starting from the bed, internet etc. ending with the microwave .

Review from Y.Z.T.(China)

noneKyoto Apartment 5

Nice country, nice people, nice apartment, it is really convenient and comfortable.

Review from S.B.(Italy)

09Kyoto Apartment 5

This apartment is really comfortable to reach a lot of places, since it’s located near Hyakumanben and Demachiyanagi Station. The inside is very comfortable and really bright! If I’ll come back to Kyoto, I will definitely stay there again!

Review from P.Z.(Hungary)

10Kyoto Apartment 14

I chose this apartment because the rent is cheap and it’s quiet near from my university. I really like living here because the apartment is nice, the people are friendly, and there is a Torinosuke at the first floor where I can have fun with my friends. I absolutely enjoy living here!