Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto

Six features about us

You can rent a room at an affordable price! 

You only need to pay the deposit (30,000yen) and the first month's rent.  We can offer you a room from 30,000+yen/ month, and the rent includes utility expenses, internet fee and also common service charge.                                                  
We don't charge you any extra fees when you renew the contract!  Please don't worry about it.                                                  
※We are afraid we need to charge you an extra fee in case, your utility fees goes over the limit of the number of people who stay at room will be increasing. 


Easy and speedy to move in! 

If we have some vacant rooms, you can move in quickly with your ID, deposit(30,000yen) and first month's rent.      
In general when moving there are many thing that needs to be done, but we want to make it easier for you by not needing a cosigner, and not needing to make a contract for gas, electricity, water or  internet.      
You don't have to do complicated procedures.  We simply ask that you inform us of your move out date at least 3 weeks  before you move out.      

※We can refund you up to 20,000yen as the refundable deposit.  


We prepare furniture, home electronics, some cooking utensils and bedding! 

Our businness motto is to ensure that you are able to start to your stay as soon as you move in, so we provide furniture to each apartment for your use.  Please come to our apartment with only a suitcase!
※We are happy to provide you 2 sets of bedding if  the number of people staying at the room will be two.  
※We will provide the additional bedding to guest at studio apartment as well!  (2,500yen/ night)


We have gotten a good reputation for customer support! 

  • We sincerely deal with problems right away.
  • We can show you the room and the apartment before your move in date.
  • We, all staffs are female.  We try to notice all the small thing that it might be hard for a man to notice. 

English is available!

English support is available.  You can contact us by email or calling in English.  Please feel free to contact us.

No age limit! 

We don't have any age limit because we would like everyone (singles, couples, families, and retired people) to enjoy staying in Kyoto.  


To be able to offer affordable apartments!

Kyoto Apartment is a subsidary management company of furnished apartments and share houses under Kinsyo Co., Ltd.
We frequently heard from foreigners living in Kyoto that “All the expenses for renting an apartment is too costly”. That is one of the common reasons to give up staying in Kyoto. Therefore, we have decided to provide affordable, easy and comfortable rental apartments and share houses for international customers to enjoy beautiful Kyoto since 2009.

If we were particular about the room interior and furniture, we would need to set the rent more higher.
However in order to be able to offer you our apartments at a low cost, we do not change the layout of each room as  much as possible and provide basic and necessary furniture.
This helps tenants to be able to come to the apartment with one suitcase only, as we provide basic necessities: furniture, home
appliances, cooking tools and amenities.

We hope we will offer you a suitable and reasonable apartment in Kyoto!

Company profile

Kyoto Apartment Office

Address 〒604-8811
2nd Floor, Kinsyo Building 77-1, Mibukayou Goshocho, Nakagyoku, KYOTO JAPAN 604-8811

(Please make an appointment before you come to our office because staff may be out of the office for different appointments from 10:00am to 4:00pm.)

TEL&FAX TEL 075-812-8776 / FAX 075-811-5550

Head Office

Name Kinsyo Co.,Ltd
Address 77-1, Mibukayo Goshocho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto Japan 604-8811
Contact TEL 075-813-5777 / FAX 075-811-5550
Established 1848


Airi Yokomaku(横幕 愛梨)

I was born and raised in Kyoto. I'm good at changing water taps and standing side splits!

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Tomomi Shinzo(眞造 ともみ)

Hi! I'm from Shiga, next to Kyoto. I love travelling and going to zoo, so I'd like to share information on them with all of you! Let's talk with me! Please feel free to talk with me about varioius things including life in Kyoto!

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Chika Ideno(出野 知佳)

I'm from Awaji iland in Hyogo.I was born and raised in nature.I love finding delicious and good restaurant.Let's share if you know a good one!I am looking forward to supporting your Kyoto life!!!

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Naomi Saeki(佐伯 尚美)

I was born and raised in Canada to Japanese parents, then came to Japan in 2018 to visit family but ended up staying and working in Japan. I have been doing my best to improve my Japanese since coming to Kyoto, but please feel free to let me know if I make a mistake with my Japanese. I look forward to meeting you all!

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