Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto

About Kyoto Apartment

Kyoto apartment is providing room at apartment, guesthouse and dormitory beds in Kyoto. We are more flexible than normal Japanese apartment agencies. For example, you do not need to pay a large deposit, (In case of normal apartment agencies in Japan, it’s required typically 2 or 3 months’ worth of rent) key money to the landlord, agent fee, and even guarantor is not required. In addition, all of our apartments are fully furnished. Furthermore, the monthly rent includes utility expenses and internet connection fee.

Our office is located in Shijo-Mibugawa, Kyoto. Please see “about us” page for the location map and office hours. (Meeting appointment is required in advance for your visiting.)

Yes, we would be happy to communicate with you in English.

Yes, travelers are of-course welcomed. But we only provide rental room service for person will stay more than 1month.(You can stay for less than 1month, but we are afraid 1month rental fee is needed. )

Yes, you can! Either foreign or Japanese customers are welcomed!
For now, about 70~80% of our customers are people from abroad, and other 20~30% are Japanese people.

No, you don’t. We just need a photocopy of your passport. However, we need a guarantor if you are not over 20 years old.

Yes, but if you are not reached 20 years old, we require your guarantor’s consent.

About Reservation and Rent

You can make a reservation by e-mail or phone call. Please call us if you are urgent.

Sure! You can see the availability status of each room through this website or contacting us by e-mail or telephone. Once you pay the room deposit or give us your credit card information, we can book the room for you. This procedure can be done abroad, either through bank transfer or with your credit card.

No, you can’t. Please note that we will not refund the deposit for any cancellations once the reservation is made.

We require that you supply a valid original passport (including valid visa or longer than one month landing permission). Please note that we will make a photocopy of your passport for our internal purposes. We also require you to pay the first month’s rent.

The monthly rent includes utility expenses such as electricity, water and gas(There is maximum amount limit). Internet connection fee is also included.

You can pay through our bank account or bring your rent in cash to our office. We do not accept credit card rent payments.

We will return the deposit up to 20,000 yen on the date you move out. 10,000yen will be deducted as a room cleaning fee.

About in the Room

Yes, all rooms are furnished. Each room has a bedding, air conditioner and necessary household appliances. For further information, please see detail page on each respective apartment.
You can start your new life very easily!

Sorry, we do not provide telephone service in each room.

Each apartment has Internet connectivity.Please check each apartment page. For residents who will move-in to our studio apartment, we ca provide a small WiFi router for free if you would like. Please feel free to let us know in advance.

Yes, you can. A gas cooking stove or induction heating cooker is in the kitchen. The cookware and dishes are also prepared.

Of-course, they do. The door of each room and apartment can be locked.

No, you can not have any overnight guests without our permission. If you are staying at our studio apartment, you can let your friend to stay in your room for 2,500yen per night/per each person.
We don’t allow any over night guests at our shared apartment. If you would like to have an overnight guest in a shared house, we would like to change the contract number of your current one. We think your guest as the additional resident. The rent for the additional person is 5,000yen or 10,000yen per person, depending on the original contract of you. If you have any guests after 10pm, please be sure to let us know in advance.

Yes, you can. However, we are afraid that we have to charge you 5,000 yen as commission fee for moving to another room/apartment if you move within 3 weeks.