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2019/11/25 12:34
Hello, everyone!
Autumn leaves season has come in Kyoto!^^
Have you already gone to see beautiful autumn leaves this year?
Today, I would like to tell you about my favorite spot for seeing autumn leaves!
Speaking of autumn leaves in Kyoto, where do you think of?
Nanzenji Temple? Tofukuji Temple? Or, Kiyomizu Temple?
Yes, you can enjoy to see historical temples with beautiful autumn leaves there!
However, there are tons of people there and even walking and taking photo is hard this season...
We are afraid there are people who hate a place which has lots of people even though they want to see autumn leaves...
For these people, I would like to recommend to see autumn leaves of Kitano Tenmangu(北野天満宮) which is illuminated with lighting!
Speaking of Kitano Tenmangu(北野天満宮), doesn't "Ume"(梅) come into your mind?
I think that Kitano Tenmangu(北野天満宮) was not so famous with autumn leaves before, but I really would like to recommend this spot because there are not too much people there and you can enjoy to take a walk and see the beautiful autumn leaves!
I think that it is also a suitable place for dating!
The admission fee including a cop of tee and Japanese sweet is 1,000yen!
(Illumination is until 20:00 on December 8th.)
Actually, I visited Kitano Tenmangu(北野天満宮) with my friend last weekend(November 23rd)!
I think that the best timing to see the most beautiful leaves would be at the end of this weekend or later,
but I could see various expressions of leaves such as green, yellow, orange, and red leaves, and it was so beautiful!
If you come to Kyoto for sightseeing, I highly recommend you to go to this place!^^