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2019/12/05 11:04


As you know,it's getting colder and colder everyday!

We really do not like this season however we would like to recommend a restaurant which makes you 

warm from inside!!

The name of the restaurant is "Muro".(『おでんと釜飯 ムロ』).

You can eat Oden which is a type of Japanese stew☆

Oden is a hot dish,so it is common to eat in the cold season.

There are  the various besic ingredients of Oden such as Konjac,boiled eggs and Japanese radish.

Other than these kinds,there are some rare menu like  a fruits tomato and you can eat  with melting cheese.

The taste is yummy and the soup is very creamy☆

And if you love the healthy food ,I really recommend it!

And also,if you love Japanese Sake,we really recommend you to try together!

Japanese Sake and Oden are a good pairing☆☆☆

You can find the restaurant easily by the light of the neon sign which is Oden- shaped .

There is near Hankyu line"Omiya"station  and you can reach there in 3minutes from Exit 1.

If you have come to our office or Ktoto Aparment1 or Kyoto Apartment4 before,

you are familiar with the station☆

Let's survive this winter season with tasty Oden and  drink♪♪♪

This restaurant is so popular and we recommend you to make a reservation in advance,

『Muro(おでんと釜飯 ムロ)』3minutes on foot from Exit 1 of Hankyu line"Omiya"station 

Please find the light of the neon sign  which is Oden-shaped.