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2019/12/17 17:47

 Hello, everyone! This is Airi.
Speaking about Japanese food, you might think of "Tempura", "Sushi", "Okonomiyaki"?
We can eat "Okonomiyaki" with reasonable price but Tempura feels like a little bit rich and expensive food in Kyoto.
(To name one of the famous one, I think of "Endou(圓堂)"...I wanna go there when I become in 40s!)

 So today, I would like to introduce about my favorite casual tempura restaurant/bar!
Actually, I took my friend's friends who came from US to this restaurant, and they were satisfied with the food and atmosphere!^^

TSUKITOKAGE「ツキトカゲ 新町店」

 The atmosphere of this restaurant is very Japanese and nice, we can relax there!
There are various different ingredients of tempura, and you can order what you want!
(You can try "Natto" Tempra if you are interested in it and have a brave! Actually, I really like it!)
Each Tempura is 30yen ~ 300yen so we think this restaurant has good cost performance!!!
You can eat Tempura with some flavors of salt or Tendashi.(天だし)
And also, you can eat Oden which suit for this cold season in Kyoto!
Of course every food is very tasty!
The master is very funny and interesting person, and he make me smile every time I visited there!^^

 When friends of yours comes to Kyoto, when your family come to Kyoto, you should go there!
I already went there 4 or 5 times!