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2020/01/14 18:18

Hello, everyone!n This is Airi.

There are only a few days left of this year, but how are you?
Today, I would like to introduce about the home party our residents had at Kyoto Apartment 3!

Now, there are people who came from Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Argentine are staying.
The other day, they enjoyed to cook and eat Gyoza at "Taiwan Party"!
(It looks really fun and delicious! I wanna live in this shared house to join...! )

It is wonderful that all the residents in this shared house are friendly! ^^
I would like to keep introducing about how they are enjoying their stay at our shared house!

Actually, this is our last blog this year!
Thank you very mych for supporting us this year!°˖✧°˖✧°˖
I am looking forward to seeing you again next year!
※Our office will be closed until January 5th due to New Year Holiday.

\ Have a great New Year!!! 皆様、良いお年を!!! /