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2020/01/16 17:41

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is Airi! 

Today, we would like to introduce about Japanese New Year Holiday!
In Japan, we have a custom of eating "Osechi Ryouri" (Japanese New Year Food) with family on New Year's Day.
The picture is "Osechi Ryouri" which my mother made. (Not so gorgeous this year...)

We also ate "Ozouni"(お雑煮) but toppings and tastes vary from region to region.
"Ozouni" my mother made was Kyoto style which is using White Miso(白味噌) and Japanese red Kintoki carrot(金時人参) so the soup is very white and cloudy like Tonkotsu Soup.
However, in Kanto region, "Ozouni" is using Japanese clear soup like Osuimono(お吸い物) and it is totally different from Kyoto's one.
In Tottori Prefecture, it is said that people eat "Zenzai"(ぜんざい) as Ozouni on New Year's Day.(I can't believe that!)
It is very interesting that there are big differences from region to region! ^^

During New Year Holiday, we used to play with "Fukuwarai", "Takoage" and "Karuta" with my cousins and brother when we were children.☄☄☄
Those are Japanese traditional games, but I am wondering if current children know how to play with them recently.

On January 2nd, I went to "Fushimiinari Taisha" for "Hatsumoude"(初詣). ⛩⛩⛩⛩⛩⛩
We Japanese call the first visit to the shrines or temples, "Hatsumoude", and do it as a tradition. 
I took a fortune slip and it said "good luck after bad luck " so I do not know if it is good or bad. Lol
And then, as the fortune slip told me, from the next day, I got the cold and had a high fever for 3 days(bad luck came to me soon),
so I think that good luck is getting close to me, maybe!Lol

Please take care not to catch cold and flu!!!