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2020/05/28 10:11

Hi, it has been a long time since I last posted blog! 

The state of emergency declaration was lifted in Japan, including Kyoto, so we might get back our usual life little by little.  We, Kyoto Apartment had to decline the request from the customers who would like to move in from the begining of April because of corona virus....  Now, we can let you move in our shared house since the state of emergency declaration was lifted finally!  We are sorry to make you wait. 

We can also offer you studio apartment, so please feel free to contact us^^♪


We have the new campaign now! 

We would like to support you as much as possible although we stil have to be with corona virus. 

If you have thought that you would like to stay in Kyoto, why don't you stay at shared house by Kyoto Apartment? 

~Kyoto Apartment 20~

It is a shared house near Kyoto Univeristy(Yoshida campus).  We can offer you a room with discounted rent for 3months from your move in date.  ※We are sorry we need to charge you the original rent from after 4th month. 

It would be still a new shared house because it opened in spring in 2017. 

Click here to check Kyoto Apartment 20!

~Kyoto Apartment 16~

It is located at Nishioji area.  If you stay at a room at this shared house more than half year, 3,000yen will be discounted from the monthly rent!

※But, it will be applied for 1year at logest from your move in date.  We are afraid we have to charge you the balance amount if you move out less than half year. 

Click here to check Kyoto Apartment 16!


【Studio apartment】

~Kyoto Apartment 1~

We have some rooms for family and the ones for 1person! 

Click here to check Kyoto Apartment 1!

~Kyoto Apartment 4~

We think this apartment would be suitable for you if you feel Kyoto Apartment 1 is a little bit small.  We think you can stay here for even 2people comfortably! 

Click here to check Kyoto Apartment 4-Ⅰ!

Click here to check Kyoto Apartment 4-Ⅱ!


We would like to see customers from abroad soon! 

We hope many tourists and students can come to Kyoto for sightseeing or study abroad as soon as possible.   


※Just for your information, we ask some favors to you when you move in a shared house. 

(It might be changed from now on, but it depends on the situation for corona virus.  )

・We are afraid that we cannot accept customers who come from abroad to move into our "shared house" during first 14days after they arrive in Japan.
※Please send a picture of your「Landing permission seal」on your passport by e-mail after you arrive in Japan.

・ We will ask details about your health condition before you move-in and when you move-in.(EX: Whether you have a fever, or have a cough)
If you feel bad, or if you have a fever, we are afraid that we need to ask you to postpone your move-in.

・ We will take your temperature when you move-in. If you have a fever over 37.5 degrees, we are afraid that we cannot accept you to move-in.

・ Please make sure you wear masks when you come to see the apartment/shared house and when you move-in.

We would like you to make sure to wash your hands, rinse your mouse and keep your social distance while you stay at shared house. 

We will let you know in detail when you send us request! 


I spent playing game almost all free time on weekends. 

I love playing "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"(Atsumare Dobutu no mori)!!! 


Anyway, we would like to support you to let you stay at our apartment comfortably!