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2020/05/30 17:52

Long time no write! This is Airi.
The state of emergency was lifted finally, but how are you doing?
We Kyoto Apartment staffs are all fine!

Kyoto Apartment staffs have many chances to meet people at work, so we have been very careful about coronavirus.
so during the "stay-home period" we usually worked from our home,
we wear masks(continued) and usea a hand sanitizer when we meet customers.
At our office, we wipe everywhere where people touch with the ethanol everyday.

Finally, we could buy hand sanitizers that disappeared for a couple of month at drug stores!
We provide hand soap and hand sanitizer in each shared house, and every resident joins forces to avoid the coronavirus.
STAY-HOME period was ended, but coronavirus is still existed so we need to think about how to live with coronavirus from now.
Please continue to cooperate in implementing proper measures to prevent infection and then move into our shared house.

This spring, there were many customers who needed to cancel their moving into our apartments because of the Immigration restrictions.
It seems that coming to Japan from abroad is still not allowed now, but we really look forward to seeing them soon!!!
Please feel free to contact us when you reschedule your plan to come to Kyoto!

By the way, I love this invigoration climate before rainy season comes! ^ ^
If you are still afraid of enjoying to go to shopping or eating at a restaurant, how about spending outside?
There are many nice places with less people in Kyoto except for sightseeing area!
Walking around Takaragaike lake, Eating lunch along Kamo river, Climbing Mt.Hiei, Mt. Kurama,
these sweep away all the stresses of the day so I really recommend!

And one more thing, there is a river we can see fireflies(蛍) in this season.
One of the spot for seeing fireflies(蛍) is Takano river(高野川) in Yase(八瀬). Please check it out!
(Please keep your social distance from other people!)

Just a bit more patience!!!! ONE TEAM!!!