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2019/11/27 13:33


I would like to share healing spots in Kyoto! 

I think you can go there easily beacuse they are very close to Hankyu Kawaramachi


Which do you prefer to, dogs or cats?  I prefer to dogs, but I feel cats have more attracrive after spending much time with cats! 

I would like to introduce Mameshiba Cafe to you!

Most of you might feel that Shibainu(柴犬) is thetypical dogs in Japan, don't you?  Mameshiba(豆柴) is the small Shibainu, and you can meet them at this cafe!!^^  You might spend much time only watching Mameshiba because their personalities(like doing something they want whenever they want).  But, when I went to this Mameshiba cafe, I can touch them many times.  I think you can also touch them many time if they are good mood! 

We are really healed by Mameshiba!!


Next, for you preferring to cats!! 

I'd like to tell you cats cafe MOCHA(モカ) on 4th floor at mina.

I noticed there is cats cafe here!!!  I see it for a while from outside, but I can't stand coming in there. lol 

There are many cute cats! ♥  You can buy cat snack, so if you buy it, a lot of cats are coming to you!  There are no time limit, so you can spend much time here.  When you would like to rest or are healed by cats, you should go there!! 


I can recommend you to go these cafes in Kyoto! 

If you like dogs and cats, why don't you go there?