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2020/01/24 11:56

Hi,this is Chika!!

How did you spend New Year Holidays?

We  hope everyone spend a great time

Anyway,I went to  AWAJI-SHIMA(淡路島) in Hyogo-prefecture during New Year Holidays since I'm from the island.

It takes about 2~2.5hours by car from Kyoto city with the highway.

I spent with my family and ate dinner made by my parents.(photo①②③)

And Photo④ attached in this blog is Akashi-kaikyo-ohashi which is conecting the main land and Awaji-Shima.

AWAJI-SHIMA is  surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature ,so it is full of tourists all year long.

My perents house is close to  the beach named Ohama(大浜) and mountain nemed Mikumayama(三熊山).

So when I was child,I often went there with my friends after school.

I really recommend you to go there for a trip since we can eat fresh  ingredients such as fish or vegetables from


Actually,my friends family came to AWAJI-Shima from Kyoto during Oshogatsu.

And we went to my parent's restaurant to eat "Fugu"(ふぐ).(Photo⑤⑥)

Fugu from Awaji-shima is very popular in Japan.

When you come there,you should try!!

If you need further information,please feel free to ask me☆