Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto

●Opening hours → 9:30 ~ 17:30 (Except for Sunday and National holidays)                  ●Check-IN/OUT time → 10:30 ~ 16:00 (Except for Sunday and National holidays)

Kyoto Time :

We are closed on every Sunday and national holidays.

【National holidays】


July 15th(Mon), August 11th(Sun)~ August 18th(Sun), September 16th(Mon), September 23rd(Mon), October 14th(Mon), October 22nd(Tue), November 4th(Mon), November 23rd(Sat), December 29th(Sun)~ December 31st(Tue)

※ Dates colored with red are holidays, but we are afraid we are also closed on holidays decided by our company except dates colored with red in calender. 


January 1st(Wed)~ January 5th(Mon), January 13th(Mon), February 11th(Tue), February 24th(Mon), March 20th(Fri)