Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto


Name:Alex G
Your nationality:UK
Occupation:Personal Trainer
Apartment you are staying:KYOTO APARTMENT 4-Ⅱ

I initially found Kyoto Apartment whilst I was living in London without much knowledge of the Kyoto area. However the apartment itself seemed really convenient due to all furniture being included as well as utility bills being included in the rent and no complicated paperwork being needed for when moving in. All of these factors sound like standard procedure but in Japan, this is certainly not the case. It's been 3 years since moving in and I cannot be more satisfied with my overall experience here. I have had no particular troubles and if there ever was a potential issue with anything, I would let the staff know and they would deal with things very efficiently and professionally. Not to mention how friendly and polite they always are! I also got to realize how convenient the apartment was in terms of location where everything you need tends to be very close by. I plan to stay here a little longer and would confidently recommend Kyoto Apartment to anyone looking to experience living in Kyoto!