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Berit Kaasen Bjørnholt (KYOTO APARTMENT 4-Ⅰ)

Name:Berit Kaasen Bjørnholt
Your nationality:Norway
Apartment you are staying:KYOTO APARTMENT 4-Ⅰ

When I told my friends that I wanted to rent an apartment in Japan, they said it might be difficult because I am a foreigner. But I told them it would not, because I understand and respect the Japanese system, and also approve of the Japanese way of doing things. As I were about to study Japanese Language at Nihongo Center in Kyoto, I searched the internet until I found a perfect place to stay. Kyoto Apartment 4-Ⅰwas perfect for me. 2 stops by local train, or 30 min pleasant walk to the school. Also 30 min pleasant walk to the Kyoto Station, which is an area I like to visit. Next to the builidng was a 24 hour open food store, as well as a good second hand shop. Så I wrote a mail to Kyoto Apartments, explaining my plans and wishes for them. Because I live in Norway is was not easy to stop by at their office to have a talk, but as I found the matter of finding a good room for my 90 days stay very important, I managed to do it. The Kyoto Apartment staff turned out to be both friendly and helpful. A renting agreement was made.

The studio apartment I stayed in, was so nice! It had nice furniture in it, curtains and kitchen equipment and everything. I loved having a balcony, too. The apartment was so clean, and everything was in full working order. At that time I could not read any Japanese, therefore I sometimes needed help, for instance about the heater and the washing machine. The Kyoto Apartment staff were so kind, patiently answering all my questions and also gave me advice when I needed. I had a great time at Nihongo Center and in my Kyoto Apartment room. Today I study Japanese language in Bergen University in Norway. But I visit Kyoto annualy, and then I always drop in at the Kyoto Apartment renting office, bringing them a sweet present from Norway to remind of the sweet memories we share from the time I stayed with them.
I warmly recommend Kyoto Apartment. Professional, yet warm and friendly - what more could one ask for?