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Ichiro who cannot speak English (KYOTO APARTMENT 3)

Name:Ichiro who cannot speak English
Your nationality:Japan
Occupation:IT company
Apartment you are staying:KYOTO APARTMENT 3

 I have been living in Kyoto apartment (share house type) for a long time.

 The fascination of sharing life with foreigners is an experience like
`` I came back from traveling abroad etc.  What you can do on a daily basis.

 If you are living together, you will see that some friends are studying
Japanese from the early morning, you will be asked questions, you will see
that some friends are calling with parents in various languages by Skype,
you will see Japanese news  and follow the news in your own country!  To
get home-cooked spices from family, to see how he is struggling with  daily
life and tuition, to hear about his country's education and economics,  You
can feel the current situation and their vitality.

 And by seeing and hearing such a wide variety of countries and ideas on a daily basis,
"Oh, I learned a lot-I need to do more."

 In the shared living space, it can be fun.  You can feel like you're in a
classroom at a school abroad, such as parties that cook each country's
cuisine, word games, and wall sit training competitions (who can do the
I speak Japanese mainly. But I can't speak English, However I'm pleased with those who are studying Japanese. 
I am trying to talk about.

 After returning home, there are many Kyoto fans who come to play occasionally.

 I think you can have various new experiences,
Why don't you share cultural exchange through share house life with foreigners?