Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto


Your nationality:Philippines
Occupation:Area manager for English school in Cebu
Apartment you are staying:KYOTO APARTMENT 20

Hello, I'm Joie!
Me and my Hot wife we Chose Kyoto Apartment 20 in the reason of super accessible in multiple ways.

2 minutes down stairs fo city bus station, 5 minutes walk to the subway station, 5 minutes walk to life grocery store, 5 minutes walk to the most beautiful spot of Kamogawa river, 5 minutes walk to Kyoto university and the most hot spot in this area, there is bar  name momorag which is the cheapest weird bar in town you can get the beer price same as 711 price of course you can meet super cool people and crazy weird hippies.

 One of the best memories in KA20 was I meet various people from different side fo the world, I meet super weird, cool, funny nice people in the house.  everything was unexpected but its all come out super good friends and memories.
So! if you want to experience fun life while doing things that you wanna do in Kyoto, just connect to the beautiful staff and of course super friendly too!
Hope y'all have a good time in KA20.