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Quentin & Rachel (KYOTO APARTMENT 20)

Name:Quentin & Rachel
Your nationality:France
Apartment you are staying:KYOTO APARTMENT 20

I am a PhD candidate from Strasbourg University (France) pursuing research at Kyoto University as a Foreign Associate Fellow. For this reason I have to come back and forth between Strasbourg and Kyoto, and I choose Kyoto Apartment each time I come back to Kyoto. I am currently residing in Kyoto Apartment, which is really convenient because of its location at the heart of Hyakumanben, next to Kyoto University, and near many restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets, hair salons, dental clinics, bicycle shops (highly needed in Kyoto!), and even art supplies shops. In a nutshell: there is everything you’d need around! The apartment is close to the Kamo River, near Ginkaku-ji Temple and the Philosopher’s Path (~20 min. away by foot), and you can even reach Sanjo Station and Gion by foot in an acceptable time (~30 min. for the former, ~35/40 min. for the latter). Since the apartment is just beside Kyoto University, many students pass by, which is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

The place is clean, the kitchen is gigantic, and the bathrooms have everything you’d need. The atmosphere is nice, it is a real pleasure to live here!