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Reservation for a room which is Available

If you make a reservation earlier than the acceptance date of reservation, we will start charging you rent before your move-in date.

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Q. Today is February 1st. My move-in date is April 15th and I am planning to stay more than 6 months.When can I make a reservation for a room which is available now?

A. You can reserve the room now, but if you make a reservation today(February 1st), rent starts after 8 weeks from today(=March 28th).If you would not like to pay the rent before your move-in date, please make a reservation 8 weeks before your move-in date(=after February 19th).

Reservation for a room which is Available soon

If you make a reservation earlier than the acceptance date of the reservation, we will start charging you rent before your move-in date. Available date is the date when a room becomes available.

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Q. I am planning to stay in Kyoto for 3 months or less from April 1st. If I book a room which will become available from February 1st, when my rent will start from?

A. If your stay is for 3 months or less, your rent starts after 6 weeks from the available date(February 1st), so the rent starts from March 14th.

Q. I see. So, when can I make a reservation for the room if I would not like to pay the rent before my move-in date?

A. Please make a reservation after February 19th which is 6 weeks before your move-in date(April 1st).

Reservation for a room which is  In Process 

This room is currently in the reservation process. We apologize for the inconvenience but when at this stage, we will stop accepting inquiries for this room.  

Move-in/Move-out Operation Hours

●Office hours → 9:30 ~ 17:30 (Except for Sunday and National holidays)                  ●Move-IN/OUT hours → 10:30 ~ 16:00 (Except for Sunday and National holidays)

Kyoto Time :

We are closed on every Sunday and national holidays.

【National holidays】

January 11th(Mon), February 11th(Wed), February 23rd, March 20th(Fri), April 29th(Wed), May 3rd(Sun)~May 6th(Wed), August 9th(Mon),  September 20st(Mon), September 23rd(Tue), November 3rd(Tue), November 23rd(Mon)

※We are afraid that we are also closed during Bon holidays(August) and New year holidays(December・January) except dates colored with red in calender.  Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation Process


Please make inquiries using the inquiry form or e-mail us after you check room availabilities.
If you are in a hurry, please phone us during our office hours between 9:30 and 17:30 on Mondays to Saturdays and we are closed on Sundays and National holidays in Japan. 

Please note that moving in on the same day as you first contact us may be difficult. Please ensure to give yourself enough time to fill out all necessary move in forms. 

Make a deposit for reservation

We will reply to your e-mail and confirm if a room is still available or not. When you would like to confirm the room, we will ask you to pay 30,000 yen as a room deposit to our bank account by domestic bank transfer or international wire transfer (sent through a secure form). Please contact us for further information.
When moving out of your room, the deposit can be refunded up to a maximum of 20,000 yen (a 10,000 yen room cleaning fee is charged) to you on the day of your move out, if there is no problem and you have already paid all of your rent.

Move in and Contract

Please tell us again about a week before to fix your move-in date and time. We ask all tenants to move in between 10:30 and 16:00 on Mondays to Saturdays (Our office is closed on Sundays and National holidays in Japan). We ask for your cooperation to change your move-in date if it falls on a day that our office is closed. On the move-in date, please bring your first month's rent, your original passport, and a photocopy of the page that has your face picture, Japanese visa, and Residence Card. We will make a monthly contract prior to your move-in date and then on your move-in date have you sign the contract and other lease agreements, and then give you the necessary keys.

Move out notice

We must be informed of your move out date at least 3 weeks prior. It means that you have to pay rent at least 3 weeks, after you submit “3 weeks move out notice” officially.

For example, if you send us your move out notice on the 6th of the month, 3 weeks after the 6th would be the 27th. Then the 27th will be your move out date. 

During the 3 weeks, we will start to advertise the room to the public. We also need to set an appointment time for your move out inspection on your move out date.

Move out

Before leaving, we  will ask you to clean and restore your room to the original state when you first moved in. One of our staff will come to your room on your move out date for a room inspection, which is to check the condition of the room and furniture/equipment. If there is no problem and you have already paid all of your rent, we refund up to 20,000 yen of the deposit (a 10,000 yen room cleaning fee is subtracted from the deposit).



Have you ever imagined if you can go on a trip or study abroad
with only a suitacase?  
We at Kyoto Apartment can make it happen!


What is included in the room?

We prepare these basic furniture, home electronics and bedding(including sheets) in each room.

※This is an example at studio apartment.              
Furniture is different with each apartment.  Thank you for your understanding.  

You can rent a TV for free as well!

Please feel free to let us know if you need a TV!              
Please note that the NHK fee is not included in your rent. You will have to make a contract with NHK and pay their fee by yourself.   

We are sorry if the TV does not have a HDMI port.              

We prepare basic bath amenities to let you start the life in Kyoto soon.  


Internet is also included!

You can connect to the internet through the Wi-Fi in a shared house or LAN cable in a studio apartment.  
If you stay at studio apartment and would like Wi-Fi, we are glad to provide you with a Wi-Fi router for free!  
If you need it, please let us know!  
It's not difficult to set up the router, please let us know.