Kyoto apartment, Shared house, Studio apartment, monthly, furnished, in Kyoto

Private room & shared common space

In a SHARE HOUSE you have your own private room and share common areas such as kitchen, shower room and toilet with other housemates. You can enjoy interacting with house mates! We provide toilet papers, some kinds of detergents, sponges and garbage bags. 

Basic equipment
Bed, desk, chair, tableware, pans, refrigerator, TV, microwave, toaster, vacuum cleaner, coin laundry (washing machine) (※When light bulbs burn out, please buy and replace it by yourself.)

We recommend you who would like to have relationships with other residents!

List of Shared House

We manage some shares houses like from small shared house for 3people to big shared house for 25people. 

Customer Reviews

We interviewed some tenants who stayed before at Kyoto Apartment's shared house.

Information for tenants at shared house- What kind of people stay at shared house?

This data was from tenants who stayed at Kyoto Apartment's shared houses in 2019. 

Ratio of male to female

Ratio of male was a little bit more than the one of female, but it is almost equally.    ​​​​​​


Period of stay for tenants

We had many tenants who stayed for half months or more.  But, even if you plan to stay for short-term, we are happy to offer you a room!  


Age boundaries

The most is twenties.  We have some couples or family in our tenants, and some people who already retired use our apartments for place during trip.



We had tenants from many coutries like China, France, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, India, Canada, Indoneshia, Thai and New Zealands. 



Purpose of stay

Most of people stays at our apartment for study, business or sightseeing, but it is a few people, but they stay at our apartment for short-term temporary because they didn't have enough time to look for a room.  


FAQ about Shared House

The needed costs would be only deposit, administration fee and monthly rent.  You don't have to pay Security deposit, gratuity fee or contract fee.  
※We are afraid we need to charge you the additional fee in case it goes over the limit for utility expenses or you have an additional tenant. 
It depends on shared houses, but cleaning company cleans the common spaces twice a week(or once a week).  In addition, we ask all tenants to do cleaning duty.  We can keep the shared houses clean because of tenants' cooperation!  
Yes, please don't worry about it!  
We have shared various shared houses, and there are some shared houses from small shared house for 3people to big shared house for 25people.  They live at our shared houses to get friends, save the rent, for business.  
If you would like to get friends, we think big shared house is suitable for you!  Or that, if you would like to stay at house with freedom and having your own time, small shared house would be good for you!  You can choose the suitable house!  You can select the most suitable shared house from Kyoto Apartment! 
We don't have any limits for age to move in. 
 It would be because that not only single person, but also family, couple, people who already retired should enjoy the stay at Kyoto!  Everyone from children to adults can stay at our apartments!  
※If you have a small children especially baby, we are sorry you can't move in shared house.  
You can use internet.  It is avaialble for LAN cable connection(ethernet) or WiFi.  
※If you have any troubles like not connecting the internet, please feel free to contact us.  We will try to do our best to solve the troubles as soon as possible. 
You don't have to buy them yourself.  It seems that there are some agencies you need to pay for renting bedding, but we provide you the bedding for free because we would like all of you to be able to start staying soon after you move in.  
※We are sorry we don't have a blanket, so if you need it, we are afraid we would like you to prepare it yourself.  
Please prepare toothbrush, towels, toiletries and clothes detergent!  We are happy to provide you 2sets of bedding if  the number of people staying at the room would be two.  
It would be not a problem for us if you invite anyone to your room by 10pm, but we are afraid we don't allow anyone except for our tenants staying overnight.  
(※If you change the contract for 2people, he/she can stay at your room together!  )